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by Jose Nava

So, what’s so hip about Wynwood?

Throughout the past year, I have had the opportunity to work in one of our nation’s most hip and vibrant neighborhoods while being involved in some of the most exciting projects making the Wynwood community better.  From producing the new Wynwood website, to developing an artist-enhanced crosswalk, to establishing a Business Improvement District, and much more.  It has been a fantastic experience where I have met some of the most interesting people in my life, which brings me to the core of what Wynwood is all about: its awesome people.

The creative class, which Richard Florida often refers to as the engine behind the transformation and reinvention of our American cities, is very much present in the Wynwood community.  Whereas a few years ago our beloved city was suffering from a brain drain, now the young and talented are flocking to Wynwood to put their skills to good use.  Places like The LAB Miami are fostering the entrepreneurial spirit and attracting Miami’s top talent, while Miami Light Project and O-Cinema are doing their share to foster the performing arts and film culture in Miami.

I feel confident in saying that Miami is the quintessential city of the twenty-first century, and not so much for where it stands today, but, more than anything, because of its potential.  Contrary to popular belief, the fact that there is so much room to grow, develop, and improve, is a major advantage for our generation.  We have the opportunity to determine the direction where we want to take our city, and it is great to know that we are doing our part by setting up a hub for the creative class here in Wynwood.

Of course this is a collaborative effort, and it is largely due because of the framework that was first established by the vision of key people like Tony Goldman, David Lombardi, and Don & Mera Rubell.  But it is now up to all of us, the artists, the business owners & operators, the philanthropists, the entrepreneurs, and the rest of us to get to work to make our city a cutting-edge and innovative metropolis.

Let’s share the excitement about our city once again.  And, in that spirit, I’d like to dedicate this blog to anyone who isn’t that familiar with the Wynwood neighborhood or is just trying to learn more about it.  I encourage everyone to come hang out at the recommended places on this site, meet strangers, discuss interesting ideas, learn something new through that art piece, try a new drink, take a minute to enjoy that song, and, above all, to have a good time.